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This is my philosophy. I do not think in marriage. Or religion. I do not think that marriage tends to make you a great companion, or a great parent. I do not think that religion tends to make for improved people today or improved societies – in reality, I think that religion is divisive and destructive. I do not think that we are encouraged to be people who are taught to stand up for ourselves and take duty for our personal life – it appears to me that we anticipate an individual else to total us… and that, in my thoughts, is our downfall. Our downfall? Why? Due to the fact we are bred to be needy, and weak – we are not encouraged to be sturdy and independent. If we had been encouraged to be sturdy and independent then we would not want marriage, or religion – we would just want to create our personal individuality. If we wanted to breed, then we would do it with an individual who would make a great parent and we would be ready for their worst traits while encouraging their most effective possibilities – but we would not rely on them to be there for all time, so we could cope when reality strikes and we are left ‘holding the baby’ as it had been. My philosophy is primarily based on HOPE FOR THE Ideal – PREPARE FOR THE WORST Depressing – no. Realistic – yes. Workable – certainly. When we are capable to survive alone, devoid of needing yet another, we all of a sudden come across that other individuals want to be about us, they want to support, they want to be a aspect of what ever it is we have. When we are weak, needy and desperate, we come across that people today keep away from us, our desperation stinks, our want is a turn off, our clinging is repulsive, our weakness is a adverse trait. Films, fairy tales and pop songs teach us that an individual else will total us that weak people today are sent to support us be a improved individual that poor people today are sent to test our goodness that points come about for a explanation – my philosophy disagrees. My philosophy encourages you to come across people today who treat you as an equal, people today who boost your life – in this way, your life is good as it is, and anybody you invite into your planet just tends to make it even improved. Nothing at all Occurs FOR A Cause – IT Occurs Due to the fact YOU Enable IT TO My philosophy does not let you to point the finger, or blame yet another for your choices. – If your husband ends up getting a poor Dad, then that is your fault for deciding on him as a parent. – If your wife ends up getting a useless companion, then that is your fault for accepting her weakness into your life. – If you let an individual else to ruin your life then that is your selection – and there is only one particular fool in that equation. We KNOW when some thing is incorrect, when an individual is not appropriate for us – but we are taught to override our gut instinct and go with the lies and fabrications of society and religion – and this is exactly where we want to be truthful with ourselves and our youngsters. – There is no point pretending that the approaches of the previous will function in the present. – There is no point pretending that humans have the capability to relish a lifetime of monogamy (as the fairy tales inform us). – There is no point pretending that alter will somehow pass us by after we are married and settled – life is all about finding out from alter – alter is not only inevitable, it is necessary. My philosophy does not let you to pawn your problems onto yet another – no one need to be there to repair, help or save you – it is up to you to confront your problems and deal with them. My philosophy encourages you to seek out what is appropriate for YOU – not what is appropriate for your parents, your companion, your society or your religion. My philosophy is about strength – – it is about creating sturdy ladies that do not want guys to marry them as validation… – it is about producing gentlemen that know how to treat ladies while encouraging ladies to be self-reliant… – it is about establishing relationships that stand the test of time for the reason that they are constructed on the truth – and the truth is that every single partnership progresses one particular day at a time… – it is about letting go of the agenda for the reason that an agenda does not adhere to what is going on now – an agenda is primarily based upon exactly where this will finish up. My philosophy encourages you to be an person who tends to make choices primarily based on your truth, primarily based on your opinions, primarily based on who you are – I despise the lies of religion, the expectations of society, and the poor influence of parents that do not let their youngster to create their personal abilities for their personal life. My philosophy does not impose upon your individuality – it challenges your life selections so that you make improved choices for you and for your youngsters. My philosophy may perhaps not be your philosophy, but My philosophy desires your philosophy to be primarily based upon strength, individuality and honesty – and absolutely nothing far more. That is My philosophy – what is yours? Guy Blews is a Partnership Specialist and Certified Life Coach who delivers One particular-On-One particular Coaching. He is the author of ‘Marriage &amp How To Stay clear of It’, ‘Realistic Relationships’ and ‘Less Issue$ A lot more Love’ which are all obtainable at his web-site. Guy has appeared on quite a few tv and radio shows in the USA and the UK as either a visionary or a pariah – now it is your turn to make an opinion at [] Short article Supply: “

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