Intelligent Knowledge


Understanding & Intelligence are not exactly the same.

Awareness is an accumulation of facts about the Bodily globe.

It is actually taught by people who have awareness to those who don’t.

Expertise is not relative to intelligence.

Acquiring much more know-how hardly ever created everyone additional clever.

Clever idiots are educated, although not clever.

I do not need familiarity with a spiritual existence, it truly is an intuitive feeling.

A sense of understanding needs psychological intelligence.

Psychological intelligence, how I come to feel, involves rational logic to understand it.

Being familiar with how I sense needs a logical perception of emotional feeling to check out it intuitively.

Bodily Intelligence is actually a evaluate of how effectively I take advantage of my Actual physical senses to interpret the earth all around me.

Spiritual Intelligence is actually a evaluate of how well I take advantage of my intuitive senses to interpret the planet in just me.

I might have no understanding of nearly anything but however be extremely smart, as any baby will let you know.


Consciousness is both of those rational & psychological.

Rational Intelligence (IQ) requires a sense of intuitive realizing.

Intuitive recognizing is inherent, not discovered.

Education and learning is not really calculated with IQ.

Instruction utilizes IQ as being a evaluate of capacity to study, not as a evaluate of the amount has long been figured out.

My IQ is examined After i get started university but not Once i finish.

Education completely disregards EQ.

Psychological Intelligence (EQ) requires a feeling of intuitive feeling.

Just like intuitive being aware of, intuitive sensation or intuitive sensing is inherent not learned.

Intuition is inherent. I do not will need to know it, however I may need to learn how to reconnect to it.

IQ is processed from the psychological processor that’s my brain.

EQ is processed in the psychological processor which is my solar plexus.

With both equally EQ & IQ, I intuitively see the planet perceptively with A much bigger & an increased standpoint of life.

An Intelligent Fool

An clever fool can be an oxymoron.

An fool lacks possibly rational or emotional intelligence, or both equally.

A knowledgeable fool can be done for the reason that knowledge doesn’t make me clever.

IQ & EQ are not a evaluate of knowledge but of conscious recognition.

A lack of data would not make me an idiot.

I could be extremely clever but deficiency familiarity with a lot of things in lots of parts of existence.

I can have recall to lots of information but haven’t any intelligent concept of how to use it.

Using my know-how to contend within a general know-how quiz is not specially clever, even though it could be enjoyment.

An fool is limited by their sub-conscious mental programming.

Intelligence is always expansive, in no way limiting.

My sub-aware id will not be intelligent, still it retains all my awareness.

It’s got the idea of a tape recorder.

Rubbish in makes rubbish out as well as steps of an idiot.

Understanding in equates to information out like a reference handbook.

Only an fool chooses expertise about intelligence.

Keith Collins

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